Welcome to " GEARS FACTORY ".

This is Stock Photo Agency (Photo library) to lend photos for commercial needs in Tokyo, Japan. Please enjoy our Web site even if you have no commercial needs and we always welcome your comments and complaints. Any proposals of new project, business cooperations, business invitations and so on ・・・are also welcomed. As all of our photos hold copyrights of the photographers, please remember that use without permission, reproduction, retouching of photos from our library are strictly prohibited.


Works by eight of the contract photographers are exhibited in our individual galleries. One of our galleries are always opened for new photographers, and we expect to accept your masterpieces. As for details of application, please see OPEN Gallery. Some excellent works are to be exhibited, and some excellent photographer may be asked to make a contract with us.


This is an area that you can see a part of stocked photos by 94 contract photographers. It is easy to retrieve various landscapes, people and images of all over the world.

Though we try our best to show our photos as near an original image as possible, please allow some difference of details and subtlety of colours as it is shown by a Thumbnail compressed picture.

For commercial use, we can send picture data of about 100KB each by "Downroad page URL of examination" for your examination only if you able to read and understand the regulations and the price list.
( The price list is shown by Japanese yen. We could give some advice in case of making a budget on other exchange rate.)
Please order by filling the order form after checking the photo box you selected. Though we can lend the data free for your examination, please remember to inform us of your reply as well as to dispose them regardless of your use. Do not hesitate to order as we do not charge in case you have no needs. (Exhibited works in our galleries are also available.) On receiving your decision on use, please give us the details of your necessary data as the charge for high resolution is separated from the rental charge for copyright. An estimate will be sent to you. As for payment, please pay into the account as the invoice will be sent to you.

★A loan of an image to a customer of Japan outside is data dispatch after having finished use decision and the payment.

Though no more than 3633 photos are currently available, we continue to increase new works in response on your demand. Only a part of the photos are retrievable in this area, please ask for other data to fit your project.

Films are also available. But for customers abroad we have to apologize that it is only after your decision on use and the payment has confirmed that duplicated films will be on loan.
(As for some monochrome works, prints are available.) Please remember that only the works by Kichinosuke Nakamura exhibited in the gallery are not available.

☆ Please enjoy our Website.
We continue to develop new services and improve our standards.

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